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Kudlak and I were thinking about having a contest for this group. Since this group is very small, we have no idea how many people should be participating this contest and where the heck we can get more people to join it...

I'm just asking for interest, who wants to participate? :P If you aren't interested, that's okay.

Edit: By the way, we shall keeping this contest in the beginning of August. We will be informing about that later. ;)

PS. Now, we got a theme and winner's prize. We will be posting more details about them later.
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General information


:bulletgreen: Just click "Join the group" button and start to write the reason why you want to join our group.
:bulletgreen: We may decline your application if you have material which may stand against group rules.



:bulletblack: No flaming, no back-stabbing or anything that is mean to hurt somebody! This club isn't a hate club!
:bulletblack: It would be good to have good manners. Don't show us your rusty and racistic attitude, be a nice person.
:bulletblack: We'll ban anyone who is considered himself/herself as a troublemaker without reasoning or warning!
:bulletblack: If you have anything to complain about, send a note to our group administrator Kudlak-Hanse.



:bulletred: No tracings/base art/screenshots are allowed to be submitted into this group (like changing new colors to anime pictures, recoloring manga, drawing pictures based on manga etc.).

:bulletred: No photoshopped artwork aren't allowed (like banner signatures, wallpapers, characters done by character generators, motivational posters, screenshots etc.). You have to draw everything by YOURSELF. We want to see creativity and enterprise. not a bunch of cheap easily-drawn copies.

:bulletred: Remember this at once, we don't accept art which drives character(s) out of canon (this applies to all of that bikini art, headcanons and crap like that). Don't contribute such type of works in here!

:bulletred: We do accept digital/traditional artwork and well-written fan fictions (as long they have good quality). We don't accept fan fiction which is really confusing to read and has a lot of grammar errors.

:bulletred: You are allowed to contribute crossover-themed artwork and fan fiction (like Hellsing/Pokemon or Digimon/Hellsing whatever etc.), as long as it is related to Hellsing and has its official characters in some form.

:bulletred: We don't want to be racistic but make sure that characters you are cosplaying are portrayed well without so much notable mistakes in the details. Make sure that you really look like that character (we do appreciate cosplayers that really work hard on cosplaying, not just making themselves into simple lookalikes).

:bulletred: Just one more friendly reminder: do not spam your artwork in our galleries! We (and definitely our watchers) want to see different stuff, not just same stuff only from one artist. It would nice to have some variation in our gallery, not just same stuff from one person.






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LaylaRabia Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Thanks so much for requests! :rose:
corleonese1 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
Sorry, my English is bad and I did not understand this: You accept only digital drawings or even traditional draws?
Thanks for the reply.
Masuta-Herushingu Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those kind of works aren't allowed:

- tracings / base art / screenshots
- unfinished drawings (or drawing with a bad quality)
- OCs / headcanons
- shippings / pairings
- bikini / fanservice art
- art that has nothing to do with Hellsing (this is a Hellsing-only group anyway)

Thanks for asking, and hopefully you get my English.
corleonese1 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
Thanks for the reply, it was clear. =)
LaylaRabia Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Thanks so much for requests! =D
Kudlak-Hanse Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
NP :meow:
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